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MegaVac Prime

Worlds Fastest?

MegaVac Prime is a system that is probably the world’s most advanced and fastest windshield repair equipment. It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. This system is the most common for companies that want to update their old equipment and those who have a large customer base.

Complete kit with resin for about 250 repairs.
Our UV-Triple+ curing lamp is pre-programmed for the best results and strong curing.

Both the MegaVac-injector and UV-Triple+ is  developed and made in Sweden!

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MegaVac - Autoglass Restore International


The future UV light
developed in Sweden

This is the car industry's first UV lamp, which is preprogrammed with 3 different curing programs, depending on the adhesive quality and speed desired on the curing.


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Tools for windshieldrepair, headlight restoration, remove scratches on glass and mount / dismantle windscreens.
We have all the tools you need!

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Some of our customers

Our customers range from small companies to large chains.

Thomas has participated in a number of SM competitions in windshield repair and became Swedish champion in 2006, second in the Nordic championships and the first in the world to win the world championship.

MegaVac Prime is Thomas's obvious choice of windshieldrepair equipment.
Thomas Kolsvik
Glaskedjan in Hallstahammar


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