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The start
Håkan has worked with windshield repairs since 1991. Under the years he has managed to collect a large amount of experience in this field.

-I started training personnel for glaziers, service stations and others in the service industry already in 1995. The problems I faced was always that the tools weren’t constructed in a starter friendly way. You had to teach a “feeling” at how to handle the tools. This made the courses take a lot of time, often a day or even more because some of the personnel had a hard time repairing even after the course.

With this in mind he now began to plan and sketch his own tools. And also new methods to repair more efficiently and easier than before. The first sign that it worked was the time needed for education. It was drastically shortened. Now you could hold the courses for bigger groups in a shorter time. This without lowering the quality of the content.
What makes MegaVac different?

Its construction makes it is easy to mount with only a light touch. With our innovative adjustment against the glass you can easily get an exact alignment and pressure against the windshield. You lock it in place by a simple screw, easy as that! This works regardless of how convex the glass is. 

This adjustment is necessary because if the pressure is too high it can cause some windshields to crack. It can also stop the resin from flowing into the damage. With a screw that adjusts easily, we get the right amount of pressure every time. 

Every changes and developments that is done both inside and on the outside is significant. The powerful vacuum is noticeable just by turning the piston to the top. The lid is secure so it can no longer come loose by itself. 

The injector can be ordered in different colors, perfect for companies that wants their own brand. We can also add brands on the UV-lamp, mirrors, case and on top of the injector. 

Development continues

We constantly work for a better experience for everyone in the business of working with car glass and even glass in general. Our tools are changing and becoming better and better as we see and hear of problems that technicians face in their line of work. 

Below you can click to read more about our innovative curing lamp. Developed by us and manufactured locally here in Sweden.

About us
About us
UV-Triple +

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The future of UV-curing


Read more about MegaVac-injector

MegaVac is our powerful vacuum-injector

Innovation award nominee Autoglass Restore

Our tools have gained interest internationally. automechanika nominated us in the innovation award category in 2018.

This was a great honor for us!

We work here

Håkan Rönnholm Founder

Daniel Widström Production Manager


With several big customers and distributors at our back we had to expand. A bigger office, more personnel and a bigger warehouse and stock.

At our new location at Vagngatan 8 D in Örebro, we offer courses in windshield repair and conferences for groups up to 10 people. Much of our assembly is done on site and in the future we plan to do more of the preparatory work ourselves here.

About us
About us
Autoglass Restore lager

We still offer courses at our customers, but some expenses may apply for accommodation and travel in addition to the cost of the course. 

About us

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