Glass Tools

We provide our customers with priceless tools when it comes to auto glass.

The RollOut-system is #1 when it comes to glass removal and together with the lift ARMOne you can change windsreens by yourself. Both easy and ergonomic!

For protection against glass dust while removing scratches we have researched and put together a package with one of the best portable vacuum systems. Together with the polishing machine we use and vacuum adapter you can feel safe from glass dust and dangerous particles.

When it comes to our main area of expertise, windshield repair, we continuously try to help our users. We developed an extender to the bridge for those who need to repair hard to get places. Our UV-curing lamp can run using a batterypack or larger powerbank with an lighter-plug. The new mini-drill is cordless which makes the whole system more portable.

RollOut2000 - Autoglass Restore

Windscreen Lift

We are a retailer to GLS Sweden System.


The ability to move, mount and adjust a car windscreen in an ergonomic way, on your own, saves both time and money.

Control & Comfort

ArmOne™ can be used on all types of windscreens – both large and small. The weight of the windscreen is counter-balanced by pneumatic cylinders, which allows precise position, control and comfort. The pneumatic pressure is adjusted manually for each windscreen that is to be mounted.


The working width is more than adequate for windscreen replacement on even the widest of vehicles. Thanks to the folding function of ArmOne™, it can be used three meters out from the pillar and then be folded up and returned to its home position after the work is completed.


ArmOne™ is a zero gravity system which gives the user great ergonomics and reduces the risk of work related injuries. ArmOne™ is used by one or two persons.


The suction-cup system that is used to lift the windscreens is well proven. The suction cups are manual and are adjusted separately to maximize safety. Thanks to ArmOne™ you can mount any type of windscreens with millimeter precision.

Facts about ArmOne™

  • Working Range: 3000 mm
  • Working Range – up and down: 1400 mm
  • Height: 2600 mm
  • Max Load: 30 kg
  • Delivery Time: Shipping starts September 2017
  • Guarantee: 3 years


Together with ArmOne™ you’ll get the smart positioning tool PositionX™. It’s a tool that makes it even easier to mount the glued windscreen by yourself. Without any sticky mess and with a perfect result!

Autoglass Removal

We are a retailer to RollOut


#1 in autoglass removal

The Roll Out 2000®-method means precision, quality and a complete concept which today exists in many car manufacturers manuals. Above all it’s a very ergonomical tool to work with. 

Only one person is required for removing a windshield.

We can provide the whole toolkits and supplies.


Roll Out 2000 – 15 years old, yet still new.


Windshield Repair Tools

MegaVac Extender

Since our repair system and resins contain the highest quality we have seen increased demand that our technicians want to get closer to the edges. Therefore we have developed a brand new extender. The construction is very stable and makes it possible for us to reach the edge with the same stability and feel like we have when using only the stand.

This extender has many technical solutions that distinguish our other tools. One of the new solutions is the inclined hole for the injector. It has the same brilliant bayonet-setting with height adjustment for convex windshields. It also has the same lock-mechanism as the injector and stand has.

For ordering this great tool, use SKU: SD20109.

Designed and Developed In Sweden


Scratch Removal Tools


It is very important to protect yourself and your technicians. A company’s best resource is the staff!

We have done research while developing our Formula X Scratch Removal System when it comes to the glass dust and protecting yourself from this.

Using our polishing machine, it is possible to add an vacuum adapter. But just attaching any vacuum is not enough – glass particles can easily penetrate ordinary filters and vacuum bags. The needed safety class is the highest one – H-class. We have found a vacuum from Nilfisk that suits the need, is easy to use and is portable, while removing scratches.

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