MegaVac Extender

Our tools are made after the directives that the car industry demands, to not repair near the edge of the windshields.
Read more about windshield repair.

But the fact is that these directives is a generalization that the industry have been made to do. This is because there are many windshield repair systems that cannot deliver good enough repairs or quality.

Since our repair system and resins contain the highest quality we have seen increased demand that our technicians want to get closer to the edges. Therefore we have developed a brand new extender. The construction is very stable and makes it possible for us to reach the edge with the same stability and feel like we have when using only the stand.

This extender has many technical solutions that distinguish our other tools. One of the new solutions is the inclined hole for the injector. It has the same brilliant bayonet-setting with height adjustment for convex windshields. It also has the same lock-mechanism as the injector and stand has.

For ordering this great tool, use SKU: SD20109.

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