Scratch removal

We are working hard at putting together a kit for scratch removal that will change everything. The development has taken some time and is now what we been looking for – A product that is both easy and fast, and we’ve found this now with Formula X!

Scratchremoval Autoglass RestoreScratchremoval windshield Autoglass Restore

This is a rather common view. Rear windows is easily worn by dirt and sand when the wipers are used.

With our new system we could help our client in less than 1 hour!

Scratch removal with minimal to no refractive error.

Formula X

We have made it easier and faster than ever to use!
The process has been improved and specialized in several steps so you can see how easy and reliable our method is.

Our Formula X starter kit for scratch removal can with the help of a standard polisher, remove scratches completely and with minimal to no refractive errors.

We do not recommend removing scratches directly in the field of view of the front windscreen. Even if you do not perceive any refractive errors, the driver might get nausea or sick. This is from the change in the glass when polishing and may only be a problem on the window in front of the driver. 

Cars, busses, boats, display windows and counters are some of the glass you can restore.
It doesn’t matter if its regular window glass, hardened glass or laminated glass.

Remove graffiti with ease.

Scratch removal
It’s almost as easy as 1-2-3.. just add 4!

Just follow a few simple steps and you will notice how easy it is now to remove even deeper scratches.

The basic starter kit includes:

  • Formula X – Our new hybrid glass polish
  • Formula X-3 cleaner – Cleans, lubricates and cools
  • Abrasives 1-4 – 4 pcs of each grain
  • Abranet – 2 pcs
  • Backerpad
  • Formula X-disc – 2 pcs 5” polish discs
  • IR thermometer
We also have kits including polisher, tool case and more supplies!
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