MegaVac with new easy mount

MegaVac is our most powerful vacuum injector.

This Vacuum Injector is designed and manufactured in Sweden. The basic idea of the function is a further developement from an old system that has existed since 1986.

Over the years, the systems have evolved and the differences with this system against the origin are noticeable. All changes and developments both inside and outside are significant.

The solutions are simple but still very logical. This system is designed to help the technician make the repairs in a quick and easy way, yet providing a high quality final result.

An additional strong reason for choosing MegaVac is our low price for such high quality. Our closest competitor takes MORE than the double the amount for their cheapest injector. Nevertheless, you fix both faster, make it easier, and still maintain the highest quality with this tool.

The injector and stand can be ordered in different colors to suit your brand at an additional cost.


MegaVac makes you into an professional in only a few minutes.
Its developed in several steps. This is an upgrade from earlier designs, but with a score of updated properties that has erased flaws.

We have also increased the vacuum, this allows for a much faster repair than before.
The tool is made of stainless steel for many years service.



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Order MegaVac Basic!

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Ordering MegaVac Prime

For ordering MegaVac Prime in Norway we direct our customers to our reseller Frimann-Berner.
We gladly answer any questions and help in any way if needed.

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