Our Resins

Only choose resins of the highest quality. Our resins fits any type of damage, see to it that your customers get the best results!

  • The resins is scientifically designed to ensure the highest, quality, strength and to remove as much as possible from the appearance of the damage.
  • Independent tests are made to meet international standards, including ANSI (American National Standards Institute), NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association), BSI (British Standards Institution) och AS / NZS (Australia / New Zeeland Standards).
  • Developed to work with most of the different systems on the market like: Autoglass Restore, GlassMedic, Glassmechanix, Glass Repair systems och Glas-Weld systems windshield repair.
  • Our resins fits all types of damages and is available in different viscosities.
Resins - Autoglass Restore International

Our resins are acrylate adhesives. We cure them with UV-light to create a reaction for so called free radicals. To get maximum curing the resin should be initiated first to activate and to start a chain-reaction. This makes the free radicals to start bonding.
Then the effect of the UV-light is increased to densify and bond the resin.
Our UV-Triple+ is alone in the auto glass business with this process.

This gives the absolutely best curing.

The resin does not cure without UV-light. This makes it possible for us to work with a damage until we are satisfied that it is completely filled and want to cure it. If you had used a regular resin that cures with contact of oxygen it would have been much harder to repair car glass.


Scientifically produced resins for the highest quality, strength and at the same time remove as much of the appearance as possible.

Carefully Developed

Perfect match to diverse climate and different damage combinations.

Fast Curing

Together with our UV-lamps we can cure the resins extremely fast. It's possible to cure in only 15 seconds!

Art.Nr: SD30101

Pro Grade Resin
Pro 2010

A thin resin that works well in low temperatures and that penetrates thin cracks and damages. Longer curing time

  • Works in low temperatures
  • Optically clear repairs
  • Low viscosity

Art.Nr: SD30103

Pro Grade Resin
Pro 2015+

A very good allround resin, included as standard in our kits.

Almost 6 months of development has made this resin highly versatile. It has a ideal blend between viscosity, penetration, clarity and cure time.


  • Allround
  • Optically clear repairs
  • Medium viscosity
  • Fast curing

Art.Nr: SD30104

Crack Resin
Crack Bond+

The newest addition to our repertoire. Specifically developed for cracks, it flows easily inside tight injuries. Works great for all types of damages and will probably take over as our go-to resin. Great penetration and hardens very well when cured.

Makes a flexible repair that is desirable when bonding cracks.

  • Specifically developed for cracks
  • Flexible
  • High bonding strength
  • Optically clear repairs
  • Low viscosity
  • Fast curing

Art.nr: SD30112


The composition of our Pitfiller is a bit thinner than earlier version. This makes it easier to fill the damages and drill-holes better than before.
The Pitfiller is needed to seal the damage and resin to protect it and the laminate from chemicals and moisture.

Can be cured with our UV-Triple+ in amazing 8 seconds if you’re hunting time!

  • Optically clear
  • Fast curing

Demonstration And Properties

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