Our different UV-curing lamps

Complete curing of the resin is very important in a glass repair. The resin is cured by a special UV light.
Autoglass Restore has the UV lamps that the workshops need!

Our resins are made for curing at 365 nm wavelength so all the lamps use high-quality LEDs with this wavelength. 

UV-Triple+ - The Future UV Light From Sweden

This is the car industry’s first UV lamp, which is preprogrammed with 3 different curing programs, depending on the quality of the resin and speed desired on the curing. Since we use highly effective LEDs from 3 directions at the same time, we have reduced the curing time by 50%!

+ Progressive Program – We have created a completely new and unique program based on university research on how to cure a UV resin for best cure and longevity. For 10 seconds, the effect of the light is weak for the molecules in the resin to create a chain and grasp the surfaces to be glued together. Thereafter, the strength increases for every second and after another 10 seconds, the maximum effect is achieved and the resin is then hardened for 10 seconds. This takes only 30 seconds in total.

+ High-Speed Program – This is our fastest program at incredible 15 seconds that we have preset. You can also program your own times and if you  like, you can cure our Pitfiller in just 8 seconds. Fastest in the world?

+ Traditional program – This program is a cure that is in progress with a weaker effect for a minute.

UV-Triple + works from 5V up to 30V
It is entirely Swedish made.
It contains a 32-bit processor.
As a bonus you can program your own time.

UV-Triple+ Autoglass Restore

Designed and developed in Sweden

The lamp is very durable. The plastic compound is developed by Atlas Copco for the mining industry. Our construction can take almost 7000 kilogram pressure before it breaks. The cable is made of a flexible oil-, grease- and chemicalresistant cable.

To divert the heat from the powerful UV-LED diodes, we have a proper heat sink in the lamp. This prevents overheating and increase the lifespan of the lamps.

UV-basic - UV-led

This is a specially designed UV lamp that is calibrated and is manufactured with the exact right frequency of UV light. This causes a curing of the stone chip in only 20 seconds per lighting point. The Pitfiller is hard already after 10 seconds, but we cure 20 seconds to achieve the highest curing. This gives a total time of only 1 minute.

It comes in a complete set of lamp, battery charger and a 18650 rechargeable special battery. Each item can be sold separately.

12V-24V 42W UV-XL LED Long Crack

The lamp is 30cm and have 14 leds at 3W each for a total effect of 42W.

Ideal for long cracks and has the largest coverage in its class.

Fast and effective.
2 removable and movable suction cups for those hard to reach cracks.

Extra long wires.
Extra strong cover and heatsink around the lamp.
High quality printed circuit boards and power cables.

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